HCG Diet – drops or injections?

Have you been thinking about trying the HCG diet? If so, you may want to learn more about the benefits of using HCG drops over HCG injections. Here, we will talk about what side effects you can avoid by opting for drops, why that many patients choose HCG drops over injections in the first place, and how HCG drops are more convenient for most patients on the HCG diet. Before you get stated on the HCG diet, you will want to read this article, first.
No Weird Side Effects
Believe it or not, it seems that HCG injections, by their very nature, carry the risk for side effects that do not happen with the drops (and cannot happen) because of the different ways they are administered. Most often, patients may experience the side effects of redness, swelling, and even irritation at the injection site when using HCG injections and not HCG drops. It seems that these side effects do not often occur if these injections are administered by medical professionals. However, this can present a whole other ranges of problems, which we will discuss in a moment.
Simple to Do Yourself
HCG drops are simple to use yourself. Just take them, orally, as directed. You do not need a syringe, any special equipment, or any special know how. Most often, it can be simple to make amateur mistakes with things like injections because you must mix the solution yourself, prepare it yourself, and inject it yourself, unless you are seeing a doctor every few days. In that case, you must pay a doctor every few days for their services, and manage to make it to their offices. For many, this is just not a viable option.
Do the HCG Diet, No Matter Where You Live
For some of us, it may be simple to find a local or nearby HCG clinic. However, for many who want to try the HCG diet, they might have to travel miles to get to the nearest HCG clinic. With oral HCG drops you can order the product online and have a supply shipped right to your door. You do not have to go to a supplement store, a clinic, or make any appointments. Instead, you can use these in the comfort of your very own home without the fear of extra side effects raising their ugly heads.