Rise of the Tomb Raider Will Be Released For the PS4 This Year

The Rise of the Tomb Raider was once deemed as an Xbox-Exclusive title but the developers showed some heart and are actually going to deliver this game to different gaming platforms.

The PC version of the game has been released months after the Xbox One’s release but the Playstation 4 fans did not receive love because the game is still not released for the platform.

Luckily, Rise of the Tomb Raider will be ported to the Playstation 4 and fans of the game console will not have to wait until next year to get it.

There was a leak of information recently and it said that the Rise of the Tomb Raider will be released in November this year.

Now, this information might not be sure but if it is, then it will be released exactly one year later from the Xbox One’s official release date.

It was also rumored that the Playstation 4 game console port of Rise of the Tomb Raider will be priced at $60.

The game itself has received a lot of praises and some gaming pundits even went on to say that the game is well-built with a deep plot and a great gameplay.

Since its release, the game already has a DLC in the form of the “Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch”.

If the Playstation 4 game console port will be released this November, will it come with the DLC, considering that it is already one year after the original release and also considering the fact that the game is priced at $60?

I do not know if fans are willing to dish out $60 for a base game. I am positive that Square Enix will release the game already with the DLC game as well, although that remains to be seen when the game actually releases for the Playstation 4.

Although this is good news for the Playstation 4 owners, this can be challenging on the part of the retailers.

For one, if the port of the game will be released in November, the prices of the Xbox One and the PC versions of the game will be heavily discounted (also considering the fact that there will be a number of sales happening in the holiday season).

It would be interesting to see how this pans out for the Playstation 4. I mean, would it be better on the said platform than the Xbox One? I guess only time will tell.

Rise of the Tomb Raider is a great game. I’ve had the privilege of playing the game, albeit for a limited time only.

For about 4 hours I’ve spent playing the game, I am quite surprised about the gameplay as it is really fun and that you will really see the attention to detail the developers have put into this game.

Plus, the game also presents players with a lot of side missions to help you get glued to your seats for hours.

Would the Playstation 4 port of the game be good enough to warrant $60? I guess that remains to be seen.

If rumors were to be correct, the game will be released on November 10, 2016 for the Playstation 4 game console.