The Vodafone Signal Booster Debate

There are certain facts about the Vodafone signal booster that are undisputed. Those facts include things like it does improve your signal, it does bring 3G service into your home and it can improve your cell performance but there are still some people that feel that they should not have to buy a signal booster if they subscribe to the service.

The debate really comes down to the limits of liability of a cell company. If you subscribe to a network and you live just outside the coverage area is it the responsibility of the carrier to insure that you can utilize the service? The answer is a resounding yes and no.

Yes the carrier should be able to provide you service but if you are just outside the service area and choose to sign with the carrier and then you are offered a device like the Vodafone signal booster to improve your ability to use the service that is actually a pretty good deal.

The fact is if you live in a remote area your service is going to be spotty. The cell masts can only reach but so far. The Vodafone signal booster is a very reasonable option. Vodafone has a reliable service network that is far reaching but there are things that get in the way that Vodafone or any network provider can not control. Those things include:

  • Hilly areas
  • Certain building types
  • Geographical location

Hills can prove to be an issue with mobile service. The cell masts send out a signal and the hills act as reflectors for those signals. The signals literally bounce off the hills. In remote areas where there is not a huge population erecting towers is not really cost effective. Offering a signal booster is cost effective.

If you have a flat in a basement, the basement location is a natural barrier to mobile service. The signal gets absorbed by the rest of the building and has no way to reach your mobile. A booster solves the issue nicely and brings the signal to you.

The further away you live from the cell masts the weaker the signal gets. Of course adding a Vodafone signal booster can help to bring the signal closer to you.

For some people the debate will continue for others getting a Vodafone signal booster is not an issue it is the solution.